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US Federal Government Education Funding

The Department of education of the US is working with a budget of $68.4 billion and offers us federal programs for many different areas of education. Almost 16 000 school districts are active In these programs, 49 million students who are going to more than 98 000 public and 28 000 private schools. More than 15 million students are active participants in programs of us federal programs of the Department of Education such as receiving grants, loans and work and study programs.

US federal education programs form only small part of the whole government budget for the country. For 2013, the total federal budget is $3.7 trillion.

What the Government is offering are scholarships and grants as an education funding. This mean the Government will give you free money in order to pay for school. Your job is to find which grants are available and for which you are eligible. Many people call these grants “gift-aid” because of that reason, they are given for free and don’t have to be repaid.

Most of the US federal educational programs are funded by appropriations processes. Only a few are funded through mandatory spending, like for example, student loans.

The US Department of education has provided $65.7 billion for 2013 only for us federal education funding. The most important programs are Elementary and Secondary Education Act Grants, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act State Grants and of course, The Pell Grant for college students. Only these 3 programs have received $53 billion in 2013.

These grants and scholarships can be given by the federal government, the state government, private and non-profit organizations or the college or the university. Students have to do their research, to apply for every grant that they can be eligible for and meet all the deadlines. There may be some times when you’ll have to pay back a grant, the whole or just a part of it, but this can happen only if you leave school earlier, before the end of the semester or the year. The Department of Education of the Government offers many different types of federal grants to students who are going to colleges that last for 4 years, career schools and community colleges. Some of these grants are Federal Pell Grants, Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants and Grants for Iraq and Afghanistan Service, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants. All of these grants are given to students who are in a financial need. If a student is interested in these grants, the first thing is to submit a FAFSA-Free Application for Federal Student Aid and after that work with the college, or the career school or the community college and find out how much they can get and when will they get it. This educational funding in the form of a scholarship or a grant is not hard to find. Since scholarships are merit-based they can be given on the base of being a good student, being active in a sports club, a member of a church or an organization.

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