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US Federal Government Educational Grants

The US Government offers many different educational grants. Students can improve their careers in many different areas and professions. In many of the programs, the Government recognizes where a deficit of professionals has happened, and works on providing more experts for that area. Because it wants to help the students to specialize in that field the Government offers them many benefits, loans and grants to help them study and finish that school.

For example, many Americans don’t have access to a good health care because there are not enough professionals in the health area in the place where those people live. This can only mean that even more Americans can find themselves in a situation where they won’t be able to find a health care professional when they need it.

That is why the US Government together with the HRSA offer loans, grants and scholarships to help clinicians finish their education and enable them to work in some restricted areas where health care professionals are desperately needed.

The National Health Service Corps is a program which helps clinicians who want to study medical, dental and mental health and then work in some shortage areas. These medical workers can receive up to $60 000 for 2 years of working.

For serving of 2 years, nurses can receive 60% of the total sum of money paid for education. This is available under the NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program. For an additional 3 year of working, the nurses will receive another 25& of the total sum of money.

The educational grants are not only given by the US Department of Education, they can be given as a financial aid because you have served in the military or you are a wife, a husband or a child to a person which has served in the military. Other educational grants are given as tax benefits or as an education award for a community service. More than 14 million students receiver over $150 billion as educational grants, funds and loans per year from the US Department of Education. Educational financial aid is used for paying for tuition, fees,, books, materials, rooms and transportation. There are many schools which support and participate in these programs. If you are planning on applying you can do a little research and find out which are the ones that are active in those programs at the time.

There are 3 types of educational grants:

–          Discretionary grants: given to students based on a competitive process

–          Student grants and loans: helping students to attend college

–          Formula grants: Given based on some formulas and there is no application process


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