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US Federal Government Grants For Minorities

In this year alone, million dollars have been given away to minorities like Asians, Hispanics, African American and American-Indians as well as other minority groups. The US federal government grants for minorities can assist any minority group with their needs and can even put up a non profitable institution to reach out other people.

Foundations, institutions and the national government in United States proffer grants that can assist minorities’ different areas like research groups, businesses and employment. Even if there are lots of minority awards available for you to take advantage, meeting the qualifications for minority grants is a must. The usual minority group grants to be given away for many groups are grants for education and business.

Let’s check your eligibility if you can take advantage US federal grants intended for ethnic groups or minorities.

African-American Groups – In this group, they already experienced an augment with opportunities for educational grants specifically college grants for so many years. These opportunities include:

  • UNCF (United Negro College Fund)
  • National Black Association of Nurses
  • Scholar Programs of Frederick Douglass
  • Program of Mordecai Wyatt Johnson
  • Nursing Scholarships (March of Dimes)
  • CPAs’ American Institute
  • APA (American Psychological Association) Minority association program

UNCF by far is the most imposing minority educational grant that was established in 1942. Minority higher education grants had financed thirty-six African-American universities and many colleges in the past

Hispanic Groups – Grants for this minority group are only few in associations with other group of minorities. United States’ government has recognized this shortage that is why they establish adding $15 million dollars headed for the start up expenditures for Hispanic colleges and universities’ growth. Besides, the government gave additional $70 million head for those Hispanic colleges and state universities that has been established already. The government might have started supporting this minority grant very late but the implementation left a spectacular enrollment on the following grants below:

  • Scholarship and Grants for Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • Nursing Scholarships (March of Dimes)
  • Scholarship Program for Underprivileged Students
  • Repayment Program (Loan for Nursing Education)
  • Institute of Scholarship Fund for Hispanic Groups
  • Scholarship Program (Silicon Valley)
  • Challenge Grant (Jose Marti)

Asian Groups – Asian minority became the most rapidly growing group of minority in United States. Fellowship of Luisa Mallari at present became the most dominant minority grant headed for Asians that gives opportunity to Asian students to have their education in nearby countries. You can choose among the available grants for Asian minority:

  • Journalists Association of Asian American
  • Asian Studies Association Inc.
  • New York Federation of Asian-American
  • Program for Regional Exchange for Southeast Asian Studies
  • Luisa Mallari Association

Native American Group – Indian Blood Certificate or CIB must be presented in order to become eligible for Native American Grants especially college education grants. This certificate will serve as proof of your belongingness to a certain group or tribe. Their descendents of Native American that failed to keep important documents about their real identity. But holding your own CIB will let you qualify to these grants listed under:

  • 2008 Grants for Tribal Wildlife (United States’ Wildlife and Fish Service)
  • Equity Grants for Tribal Colleges Educ.
  • Education Indian Adult
  • Minority Improvement for Science & Engineering
  • Projects for Diabetes Prevention and Treatment

Underprivileged Groups – People with disabilities, both physical and mental are eligible for grants that will support their necessities most especially with their education. The following are the most well-known grants that people with disabilities can have:

  • Scholarship Program of Harry Truman
  • Technology Preparatory Education
  • Continuing Education For Rehabilitation Training
  • Interpreter’s Training for Deaf and Deaf-Blind Individuals
  • Grants for Pre-school Special Education

These government grants are available not only for people who are Native Americans. Minorities can take advantage these opportunities not only to uplift and develop their skills and benefit themselves but also to contribute with the growth and economic stability of United States.

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