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US Federal Grants for Community Development

US federal grants for community development help people who feel the need of it and can’t take care on their own. Strong community is developed when all people work together and live in peace and harmony. The US government offer many grant opportunities which are used for community development. They are building centers which can help people rely on them when they need help. These centers are focusing on health, environment and places where local citizens can gather.

These US federal grants for community development are used by its departments for relocating the grants to these centers.

Community health centers

The Department of Health and Human Services has many grant opportunities that are used for developing community health centers. These centers are helping people maintain their health status and treat them equally. According to the official website of this department, the US Reinvestment and Recovery act provides nearly $2 billion that are invested in these health centers.

Housing and urban development

The Department of Housing and Urban Development offers competitive grant opportunities which are available for the communities. Each community can develop its own infrastructure or centers. These grants can range from providing technical help for the growth of the communities to planning grants and assistance for completing the projects. There are lots of programs you can find offering sustainably development and urban design to communities.

Rural Development

Smaller communities located in the rural areas can take advantage of many programs offered by the Department of Agriculture Rural Development. This department has been offering US federal grants for community development to improve the infrastructure of these small communities. This helps them to retain the current population or allow them population grow.

Developing communities through EPA

EPA or Environmental Protection Agency has projects for going green. It wants to save energy in order to help the planet through the nation. Number of grants are available in order this agency fulfill its goals. Some great programs offer very great ways to revitalize and develop new community centers for the locals. Private and public property owners can benefit also if they approve the removal of lead-based paint to reclaim contaminated lands.

In order to take advantage of these US federal grants for community development, you need to get informed. You can do that by visiting the official websites of these departments and see the benefits. If you can meet the criteria and you are eligible, you need to contact the agencies for the opportunities. To participate in the HUD programs, you need to be registered at the official government website From here, you’ll meet the grant office which is managing the grants and develop a perspective. You can search through the competitive funding opportunities and get informed for each one of them. You can even check out who was awarded with grants for the past period of time. If you want to prepare the best project for a grant, you can check out which applications were ranked highest in scoring.

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