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US Federal Grants for Health

Among others, federal grants for health are taking the largest percentage in the United States. Health issues are the main reason people need to receive a federal grant for health because many of them can’t afford to get the proper treatment when they fight a disease. The treatments in the United States can be really expensive and people with normal salary can’t pay for the healthcare. That’s why the federal government in collaboration with corporate foundations is giving away federal grants for health. There are many foundations involved in this health care giving grants processes like Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Pew Charitable Trusts, California Endowment, New York Community Trust and etc.

The total giving by these foundations is more than $3 billion. The largest percentage of these federal grants for health is going to non-profit organizations, colleges, universities, agencies for healthcare, and schools. Profitable organizations are not eligible to give away the federal grants for health so they are making a research or opening job places.

US federal grants include the grants for health for quite some time now. Their leader and founder, Beverly Santicola, has a huge success record in getting healthcare grants for helping the prevention of diabetes, breast cancer and other similar diseases which are life-threatening. The average amount in grant awards which is received every year is $1 million. Santicola is leading the way by getting and giving many federal grants for health to:

  • Prevention programs for diabetes awareness
  • Diagnostic and treatment for breast cancer which involves 10,000 women
  • Federal qualified healthcare center
  • Organizations for Staff healthcare
  • Providing health services for Asian Americans as medically underserved people
  • Renovating and building facilities for health
  • Health care education for cultural lacking populations

In her workshops about writing grants, she shares all secrets which leaded the way to their huge success. Santicola even provides all students with many different samples of her health care proposals which brought her many awards. Every participant in this health care program will receive a fulfilled list with 10-100 prospects for possible grant for health in their living geographic area. The participants who were included in some of the past workshops received list with many different fields.  I’m talking about hospital individuals, day care children centers, nursing homes, public health, emergency organizations for providing medical service, agencies for mental health etc. Many representatives from health care organizations like the University of Texas, San Juan Nursing Home, Head Start, First United Methodist Church, Mercy Medical Flight, Gateway Community Health Center, Valley AIDS Council, Texas Department of Public Safety, American Cancer Society, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, who attended these workshops have written really great evaluations as a feedback of the received training. They have written even better health grant proposals that were accepted by the Government.

If you want to be a part of these workshops just collect all information in order to become a member. If you want to help those who desperately need your help, first thing you need to do is build your self-confidence and include in these helpful workshops.

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