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US Federal Grants for Natural Resources

US federal grants for natural resources include programs which can help preserving properties. Many rural and historical districts, battlefields, archeological sites, and some other resources can see the benefits of these grants. There are many natural resource programs that can fund the creation of protective easements or parcels purchasing. The federal agencies are working closely with the Government in order to relocate the grants for natural resources to the recipients. Further below we will show you number US federal grants for natural resources opportunities. For further details you can visit the agencies’ official websites or use the website.

Natural Resources Conservation Service as a Federal Agency offers the Wetlands Reserve Program for helping landowners and Indian tribes. The program “employs” the US Department of Agriculture which can purchase easements on wetlands from those farmers who are interested in selling. This department also pays for the restoration of these wetlands and its activities.

Another US federal grant for natural resources coming of the same federal agency is the Grassland Reserve Program. The recipients of these grants are the landowners. This program was created back in 2002 with a Farm Bill. The USDA purchases protective easements on local grasslands from those land owners who are interested in selling. USDA can also offer landowners long-term agreements in which they will receive annual payments if they restore and conserve these grasslands.

Farm Service Agency has its Conservation Reserve Program for providing US federal grants for natural resources to agriculture producers. All farmers who can benefit from this program may leave its sensitive cropland for time period of 10 to 15 years and receive annual rental payments. They can also get cost-share assistance if they choose to establish and approve conservation practices.

US Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Agency has its National Coastal Wetlands Conservation program. The recipients for these grants are trust territories and the coastal states. This version of US federal grant for natural resources program gives financial help for restoration, acquisition, enhancement or management of coastal wetlands.

Another grant program that goes under the same agency is the North American Wetlands Conservation Act program. The recipients of this program are public or private organizations and individuals. Grants are available for those who can acquire, restore or manage wetlands in Canada, US and Mexico.

Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation Fund is a program under the US Fish and Wildlife Service Federal Agency. The recipients for these US federal grants for natural resources are the endangered territories and the states. It can assist the protection of endangered and threatened species. There are 2 other grant types which can help the funding for acquiring property. They are: Habitat Conservation Planning Land Acquisition Grants and Recovery Land Acquisition Grants.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Federal Agency has two US federal grants for natural resources programs. The first is Coastal Zone Management Grants opportunities that can be received by the coastal states and territories. It provides financial help in maintaining coastal management capabilities and upgrading the management objectives. The second federal grant program is Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Grants program. Recipients for this grant opportunity are the states. This grant help can protect estuarine and coastal lands which are considered as important for their natural value. It provides funds for purchasing estuarine and coastal lands from sellers who are willing to do that.

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