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US Federal Housing Grants

US Federal Housing Grants are given by the Government each year. We are talking about total amount of millions of dollars. These grants are different by size, qualifications and awarding time period. There are many agencies working with the US government to speed up the process for allocating the money. The most well-known agency or organization for giving these hosing grants is The Department of Housing and Urban Development. Many of the available grants are not publicized, so you must get informed by this department in person. It’s important to note that they are available even if they are not publicized.

We are going to share few opportunities for getting US federal housing grants.


The US government has tried to beat homelessness for many years now. It offers grant money in order to do that and collaborates with the Shelter Plus Care Program. Through this program, many homeless people can find their way to purchasing a home. The financial help from the grants are assisting these people to find housing services that will enable people live independently in their own home.

Another program, The Single Room Occupancy Program, gives grants for low-income people to live in a residence with only one room. Of course, these people can’t afford a place to live and can find the proper help in this program. The owners receive compensation for the residence cost along with other expenses such as owning and rehabilitation.

People with AIDS

The Department of HUD provides US federal housing grants for low-income families living with AIDS. The program is called HOPWA – The Housing Opportunity for People with AIDS and it’s the only program with this kind of a purpose. It assists people with AIDS to find their own living place. These people may need special hosing equipment that offers long-term affordable, emergency and intermediary housing. These programs offer long-term or temporary rental help and help them with their housing needs.

Elder People

Elderly grant programs provide help for rehabilitation, building or purchases of some dwellings that will act as homes for low-income elderly people. This program can also offer rent subsidies in order to make the housing cost more reasonable and affordable. The main goal is allowing low-income senior citizens live independently. They will have few activities there like cooking, cleaning and transportation. The home must be made of at least one 62 year old person at the time when the occupancy is taken.

The main benefit of US federal housing grants is that they can help people who can’t afford buying a home. The most difficult thing about buying a home is saving for the down payment required by many lenders and banks. These grants give people a jumping start in this “purchasing a home” process. This amount of money can come directly from the US federal Government or through many non-profit organization programs. Through them, you can acquire the proper amount of money for the down payment.

Low-income people, who can’t afford rent or purchasing a home for independent living, will find these grants as the biggest opportunity. The only thing that’s left for you is to get your research and gather all information. You can go to and see all available grant opportunities. See if you are eligible for some of them and be sure to meet the deadlines.

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