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US Government College Grants

Except for the universities, organizations and corporations, college grants are given by the US Government too, and are given to students who deserve them. One of the most well-known has to be the Federal Pell Grant.

Scholarships and college grants are given to students based on many different criteria like for example financial need which is concluded by the Government after the candidate fills in the online application FAFSA. The scholarships and college grant can vary in the amount, from half of the whole sum of money a student needs to pay for college up to the whole sum. Some of the grants and scholarships can be renewed and some cannot. That depends on the type of the grant. Some of the college grants are given by the Federal Government or an organization which is collaborating with the Government or some of the grants can be given by the college itself, by the state government or private and non-profit organizations. Typical examples of Federal Agencies which offer college grants are the National Institute of Health, the Department of Transportation or the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. Many college grants are given to students who come from low-income families and find themselves in a real need of a college grant, or given to students who are specializing in a field which happens to be of a big interest for some organization or federal agency. There are a lot of scholarships and college grants are coming together with a scholarship or an employment agreement with the agency which gives the grant.

As stated above, one of the most well-known programs for college grants is the Federal Pell Grant. This grant is given to undergraduates who come from low-income families and is meant to help them in succeeding to finish the school and build a better future. This grant can be used in any of the 5 400 post-secondary institutions. There is also a Federal Work Study Program that provides funds for student who work and study at the same time. The students find a part-time job in order to finance the costs of their education.

The difference between a college grant and a scholarship is in that the college grant is usually need-based and the scholarship is always merit-based. If, by any case, you leave out of school earlier, before finishing the semester or the whole year, you can be asked to pay back some or the whole sum of the grant money.

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