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As some people like to say, the US Constitution clearly claims that all the powers that aren’t given to the United States with the Constitution, nor are banned with the constitution, are reserved only for that state itself, and since the education is not mentioned and delegated by the Constitution, clearly, it is reserved to the states. So, it’s a government education.

Through the first century of the new nation of America, the Congress gave over 77 million acres of public domain to support public schools. Education has been the main expense of the Government through the years, since the beginning.

The Department of education works with many different programs for primary and secondary education and schools. Student loan programs are just an example of those programs. But, as some people claim, this financial aid of the Department of education has started the inflation in tuition for college and is subjected to abuse. The Department planned on spending $48 billion in 2013 for education, or, better said, $400 for every household.

So it is a fact that the education is in the hands of the Government. The nation has shown a big interest in the quality of the public schools. That is why the federal government works in order to provide assistance to the schools and colleges and show the country’s support. This support plan has started since 1965 with the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. This act, the ESEA provides grants for elementary and secondary schools and for children coming from low income families, textbooks and other course materials, educational centers and services, education agencies and very good professional development for the teachers.

There is another act, the No Child Left Behind Act from 2001. The purpose of this act is to raise the possibilities for children to attend school, so no child will be left behind. It has been estimated that in the 2004-05 school year the total investment in education was $536 billion. Even in hard times when there is war against terror and crime, taxpayer investments are still higher than those for national defense. It is proven that the United States is the world leader in education investment and funding. The primary sources of education in the US are states and localities. This has been the case from the beginning. Again in the 2004-05 school year, it has been estimated that out of every dollar spent on education 83 cents came from state and local levels, or better explained, 45.6% from state levels and 37.1% from local levels. 8.3% come from the federal government and the rest of it, 8.9% comes from private sources, most of it, private schools. This division of support for the education has proven to be very useful for the US nation.

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