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There are 26 federal agencies that in collaboration with the US Government offer federal grants. You can research and find many available grant opportunities but if you want to apply for some type of a grant then you will have to register. The process of registration takes from 3 to 5 days but if there are some problems and difficulties, then it can take up to 4 weeks. is the perfect web site to find available grants and to apply for them, but also to find out if you are eligible for any type of grant. The US Department of Health and Human Services is managing the site. The US Government has never asked and never will be asking money in order to receive a grant and that is important thing to know since there are many frauds and lies about grants.

The Department of Health and Human Services is offering two kinds of grants: discretionary and non-discretionary.

–       Discretionary grant gives permission to the Government to use specific measures in deciding for the candidates who will receive grants, and also do all this through a competitive process

–       Non-discretionary grants are those that the Government is required by law to give

The whole grant process has to reflect the already established policies and rules and has to make sure that the interest of the American public is on first place. In details, the process of grant managing has to ensure that the grants are good planned and detailed, there is a competition but in fair conditions, grants also protect the interest of the government and not just of the public, candidates receive the support and assistance they need through the whole process, grants that are already given to people are monitored in order to ensure everyone that the money is given for the right purpose and if there are conflicts, they are resolves as quickly and as constructively as possible.

There are four types of activities on the base of which discretionary grants are made. Those are research, services, training and other categories. Research includes research projects made by individuals which are based on traditional researches and around half of the grants go for these purposes. Services include health services, social services, rehabilitation programs, educational and information programs. Training is based on health training programs, education projects and health care in rural areas. Other subcategories are construction projects, planning and development of the infrastructure and also development of health care programs.

The Department of Health and Human Services divides recipients of federal grants into 16 categories: city governments, federal governments, county governments,state governments, foreign profit and non-profit organizations, individual recipients, international organizations, government affiliated organizations, non-profit non-government organizations, public non-government organizations, towns and villages, private businesses – large and small, special units of the government and sponsored organizations.





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