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When people are planning on applying for government grants, the first thing they need to do is go to the website This website is managed by the Department of Health and Human Services and offers over 1000 programs in cooperation with 26 different federal agencies. So, it is safe to say that the Department of Health and Human Services is the main reason for government grants.

This Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is one of the most important government agencies which take care for the health of every American citizen and also works to provide help for those that are in a real need of it.

This Department works with large sums of money more than any other government department. That is why this department is connected with government grant programs and is responsible for it. Also, there are over 1 billion claims yearly for the best medical program, Medicare. Medicare is the nation’s most well-known health insurance company. Almost all of the Americans provide their health care insurance through Medicare and Medicaid.

The Office of the Secretary is providing the leadership for this Department (HHS). Other offices included in this department are the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, the Office of the Inspector General, the Office for Civil Rights and the Office of Public Health and Science. The administrative services for the HHS are provided by the Program Support Center, which is a division of the Department but self-supported. Other federal agencies also get administrative services from this support center.

The main goal of the Department of Health and Human Services is to protect the health of the American citizen. Then after that come human services, government grant opportunities, research for all that, food safety, drug safety, other funding besides government grants, health insurance and many more. There are 11 operating divisions which take care for all this.

The Office of the Secretary has staff subdivisions which provide help and support for every initiative that the Secretary may have.

The Department of Health and Human Services in cooperation with some other agencies provides government grants, loans and benefits for American citizens who come from a low income family.

The website, managed by the Department of Health and Human Services was created in 2002 and it was a part of the management agenda of the President. The website is operating under the influence of the Office of Management and Budget. The main goal to this website is to create a single location which will be easy to find and it’s meant for grant seekers to find all the information that they need. As it was said before, nowadays the website operates with over 1000 government grant programs which are funded in collaboration with 26 different government and federal agencies.


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