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US Government Grants for Farmers

You can find many agencies and organizations that offer grants for farmers. They all collaborate and are getting the money from the US government. Alongside these, there are many other who require additional things to do before getting the money. They very often will mislead you to buy something first in order to get access to the proper grant information. If you see something like this, don’t go for it! There are many other ways where you can get information. There are limited alright, but will provide you with great financial support for farm-related business. You can get them through many state and federal agencies.

We will provide you with couple reliable government agencies that will provide you with the proper information about grants for farmers. These agencies are all part of USDA (US Department of Agriculture)

1. National Agriculture Library

Its alternative farming systems and information center has many programs where you can find the proper state funding. It provides many resource guides that will serve you as a starting point for searching opportunities for funding.

2. National Institute of Food and Agriculture

This institute gives grants for research and education that can reach $15,000. They can be used for renewable energy on the farms, weed and pest management, rotational grazing and pastured livestock, conservation tillage and no till, agro forestry, nutrient management, sustainable communities, etc.

3. National Sustainable Agriculture Info Service

This service belongs as a program attached to the National Center for Appropriate Tech. It provides a full list of grants for farmers and agriculture-related information about funding. You can search for many featured programs and they are updated weekly. You can find programs such as Virginia Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development, Sustainable center for Farms and Families, Ohio Ecological Farm and Food Association, etc.

4. The Farm Service Agency

It gives grants for farmers which are used for buying equipment, livestock, land, construct buildings, making improvements to their farms, and more. You can contact the FSA center in order to get more information and learn more.

5. Rural Development Grant program

This program about grants for farmers is provided in several ways. It includes guaranteed technical assistance, grants, research and other educational materials. Many examples of this kind of program include Farm Labor Housing grants, Value Added producer Grants and many more.

Agriculture, like many other businesses, requires lots of challenges to be completed before the beginning. The farmers don’t have the proper resources to start up and very often turn to loans which need repayments. On the other hand, grants for farmers can help them get through the first stages of starting this kind of business.

There are many ways to find this kind of grants even outside the US Department of Agriculture. Many offices of the state government provide grant aid. For example, The Texas Department of Agriculture which has the grant program for young farmers. Every farmer that is between 18 and 46 years old can receive up to $10,000 for covering all basic expenses.

If you want to find grants for farmers you can explore the opportunities of all agriculture department offices in order to find grant assistance you can apply for.

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