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US Government Grants for food Banks

The US government has reported that it has helped many people reach these grants for food banks. The number is rising each year and agencies are reporting a good number of volunteers who are willing to help. Grants for food banks are supporting those who can’t afford food, take care of food distribution, purchase help of dietary plans, etc. Many nonprofit organizations and state agencies are collaborating with the US government in order to transfer the grants where they are needed the most. Let’s take a look the grant programs of the Government for food banks.

1. Federal Grants

The US Government gives federal grants directly to the state agencies and nonprofit organizations in order to redistribute it locally. The biggest of them all is the US Department of Agriculture which gives grants for food banks through many programs. It also provides food to the states in order them to redistribute it to their local food banks. The US Housing and Urban Development can also play a role as a food distributor. Low-income communities can feel the benefits of this agency by crisis support services and programs to get food through this food bank.

2. State Grants

Another way to get grants for food banks is applying through the agencies directly to the state. These agencies, in collaboration with the state Government, are distributing federal funds to meet your needs. Many states have similar food bank networks for redistributing grants. The state is the main resource for supporting its food banks across the field for feeding the Americans living there.

3. Corporate Foundation

Many foundations are including hunger and the feeding process as a main focus for grants. Very often they limit their giving to those communities in which they have facilities for operation. We can see this kind of foundations play the role as “mediator” between the US government and the low-income communities. These foundations can give government grants for food banks starting at $25,000 for various hunger-relief programs.

4. Community Foundations

Government grants for food banks can be provided by community foundations, as well. They are the quickest at responding when some unexpected local condition occurs. They can manage several funds, individual donations and charitable foundations. Also, these foundations by community can bring huge support to various causes and organizations.

What are food banks?

Food banks represent nonprofit charitable organizations that distribute food. From these organizations, people who have difficulty to purchase food on their own come in order to avoid hunger. The US Government uses these food banks that operate as a warehouse model, in order to help struggling hungry Americans. Some of the local food banks receive grants for food banks through the Government and the other are funded by individual donors and their volunteers. The process is easy: the money from the grants is used for buying food and after is collected they sort and reviewed it for quality. After the process is done, they redistribute it to food agencies, food closets, homeless shelters, schools, orphanages, etc.

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