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US Government grants for Businesses – the Basics

Before applying for a US Government grant for business, you have to be aware of couple of things.

Commercials sometimes can be very alluring. People watching TV all day start to believe everything they see on TV and are sure that they have to try out everything. Commercials telling you that you can get free money very easy, that you will have to pay just $300 or $400 and that’s all, or a man telling you that he succeeded and got $40 000 dollar can be just another scam.

Ads saying free money but at the same time promoting an agency which claims that will help you and guide you through the process are true lies. But, people believe this, and those who believe pay to these so-called helping agencies to secure them a grant. But, if you do a little research, you will find out that all the information you need about federal grants is available in public libraries and free web sites.

A grant can be given, but in order to get it, you will have to fulfill some of the requirements that the grant givers want from you and also respect the restrictions that the grant brings with it. One of the requirements can be that you need to live in a poor area, or to prove that you are from a low income family.

There is also a grant that is given for new researches, but again, some rules have to be considered before applying. There has to be some kind of invention or doing research on new products unknown to the public. The participants in these projects are people with bright minds, experts and professionals.

There are much more loans than grants available. This is the case because loans have to be paid back after the business succeeds.

Grants from the Government are almost always tied up with some kind of theme or qualification. A few people really succeed in qualifying for them. Just as an example, this has been offered from the Government:

–       Research on spasmodic dysphonia

–       Focal cognitive disorders in CNS disorder

–       National Gene Vector biorepository and coordinating center

The example is a true proof that hardly who would understand what they need to do and apply for these grants. Businesses which are always wanted for the grants are those connected with pollution, job training, education, military needs and alternative energies, agriculture and medicine. Charity grants are always restricted only for non-profit organizations. An individual can eventually get a grant lie this, if his proposal is connected with arts or education, and the chances can be bigger if his loans are in cooperation with some non-profit organization.

You have to know that every time when you apply, there will be something that will be wanted from you, you can’t just go and apply without offering something in return.


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