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US Government Grants: Kevin Trudeau Stigma

If you have heard about things such as free money and US government grants it is for certain that you have heard about the infamous TV personality, author, felon, infomercial king, and FREE money and government grant advocate himself- Kevin Trudeau. Should you associate US government grants with the likes of Kevin Trudeau- maybe or maybe not?

Here’s the problem:

US Government Grants are very real and very legal. Free Money is even legit and available to those who go through the right processes to obtain it. However, in Kevin Trudeau’s case- he has made a living off of conning people in so many ways while using the “free money” scheme to take millions from people who want to get rich.

Now I have never read any of his books, or encountered anyone who has- but from the looks of things throughout the research on the net- its obvious the guy has committed some massive criminal acts with his works.

I recently watched an infomercial with him (late night) in it although he was banned from making infomercials and for those commercials to be aired- but the guy still found a way to market his book through images of himself and through “testimonials” of individuals who have succeeded in getting free money from the US government.

Recent news has stated that Kevin Trudeau has fled the country in order to avoid jail-time and charges once again from his doings.

So is their now a stigma with US government grants and free money?


If Kevin Trudeau managed to do one thing- It is that he has gotten the public to realize that there is US government grants and free money available in droves. Although, these grants do not get acquired through “easy means” per say such as Kevin Trudeau has sensationalized.

Can you get US government grants?

YES, you can. BUT…it will take some efforts, proof of a need, documents, and time for you to write a grant proposal and take the necessary steps to get that money.

If you are wanting an easy get rich scheme, than US grants are not for you. But if you truly want to obtain grants that are legit- and do not mind putting in the legwork to acquire some money then by all means let nothing stop you from taking advantage of the help that is available through the many US grants agencies that are everywhere online.

On another note- do be sure to go to legal US grants sites and beware of scams that offer you money overnight, need your personal information such as bank acct numbers or services that promise you money if you pay them first.










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