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US Government Grants for real Estate Investing

Grants for real estate investing given by the US government can help you finance the next project or purchase. If you are searching for your next home ore you are investor in real estate, these grants can be of a good use for you. They are provided by local, state and federal governments and you can find many agencies that support the need of all individuals. The process is very simple: all individuals apply for a grant through the agencies to get the government grants for real estate investing.

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development announces its grants for real estate investing on the official government website These grants are going through qualified state governments and organizations in order to give the grants to the community that need them the most. HUD also gives grants to agencies which are closely attached to this source. With these programs, all state and local organizations are given grants for real estate investing based on the populations’ size. We’ll show you few grant programs that can help you use the government grant benefits.

1. Self-Help Homeownership opportunity Program

The grants of this program accept applications in order to help homeownership programs and home repair programs. All private organizations and agencies for this purpose can apply for these grants in order to administer them to the public. HUD wants homeowners that will receive these grants to help the remodeling of their homes. Funding can reach up to $15,000 and is provided for each rehabilitated unit. Only low-income people will use the benefits of this program.

2. Assisted Housing Stability and Energy & Green Retrofit

Only owners who participate in the Section 202, 811 and 8 will benefit of this program. The money includes ongoing energy efficiency systems maintenance. The money which will be received from these funds need to be expanded within next 2 years of receiving. Owners can also receive grant funds for retrofitting their property.

3. Home

Every year, HUD gives up $2 billion in funds for home to states and other eligible organizations. Home program gives required funds to local governments in order to administer affordable programs for housing to its community. People with low-income that are unable to moderate their own households, must benefit from this program. Grants for real estate investing coming from this program also can be used for rental housing.

4. Community Development Block Grant Program

CDBG gives grants to local government in order to create affordable housing for all low-income communities. The funds coming from this grant program can also be used to improve the public facility such as sewers or streets. Grants for real estate investing must be served if it’s meant to be used for affordable development of estate. In many cases, these grants cannot be used in order to develop affordable housing only to acquire additional piece of property.

Grant opportunities which are open for applying by HUD at this moment are:

  • Public and Indian Housing Family Self-Sufficiency program
  • Notice of Fiscal Year 2013 Opportunity to register and other important info
  • Service Coordinators in Multifamily housing
  • Housing choice voucher family self-sufficiency program
  • Notice of Funding Availability Policy Requirements and General Section
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