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US Government Grants for Seniors

Older people can be qualified to receive government grants for seniors and can get help taking into consideration the many aspects of their life. This can include all health expenses, housing, proper nutrition, and employment. These are only few of the many areas where senior citizens can get the benefits and use the grants for seniors. Many agencies are helping these people to get the grants when they need them the most. They collaborate with the government and these non-profit organizations offer lots of chances through activities for getting the grants for seniors. Every grant from the government assists these people with various life activities, that are crucial for their well-being. Here are some areas which received many grants in the past and there are many more who are opened at the moment.


Senior citizens need a good medical insurance when it comes to health. Every person goes through this part of their life when health is in question. Many health issues can occur when a person is in their later stage of life. Government grants for seniors help the hospital insurance get the proper medical coverage for senior citizens. People who are 65 and older can receive these government grant benefits. In order to get them, you need to go to your Human Services and Department of Health and apply.

Assisted Living:

Some elder people are experiencing body changes that don’t allow them to function like they used to. They can develop many problems with the mobility that that will upset them. They will be able to live alone, but there is certain needs to make this process easier. There are many Assisted Living Facilities which can offer private development for seniors. The employees there are helping seniors with their daily activities. They include: eating, housekeeping and bathing. Government grants for seniors are covering the cost of these daily activities and owners can apply for these grants by contacting their areal HUD agencies.


Many senior citizen problems are caused by unhealthy nutrition. Having the right food is very important for seniors. The aged body needs all the proper nutritional benefits from the food so the body functions can be efficiently carried.  The government offers NSI program which is a government grant for seniors program in order to provide nutritious meals delivered home to them. All state agencies that are collaborating with the elder people can receive their part of the funding from the Aging Administration.

Support programs:

There are low-income seniors who need this kind of supportive services in order to get help with their life activities. There are government grants for seniors that help people when they find themselves in this kind of situation. Not only this, the grant offers economic assistance, also. The Supportive Services and Resident Opportunity have been designed to assist these low-income senior citizens with these kinds of services. Seniors can apply through their area assistance office.

Grandparents Programs:

Some agencies with government collaboration help low-income seniors to become better grandparents for their nephews who need support. The government supports this program with well use of grant funding. Seniors can contract the Human Services in order to apply for this program. Major sponsor of this program is The Corporation for National and Community agency Service.

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