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US Government Multicultural Grants

Many people think that multicultural grants stand for racial, ethnic or racial classification. Multicultural also include mental and physical ability, religious beliefs, gender and sexual orientation and socioeconomic status. Every person has his own identity and represents his challenges and beliefs. There are many grant opportunities that offer financial help for those organizations that are expanding the multicultural awareness. We are going to share few opportunities for multicultural grants given by the Government.

ASHA Grant Program – American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

This association offers multicultural grants for completing many projects. The focus is turned to disability, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, gender and age identification, ethnicity, language and race. Every project has a mission for expanding the goals of the organization. These missions represent advancing and promoting communicational science and effective communication. The communities who have communication and other related disorders can use the benefits from these projects. The main goal which needs to be reached is making the communication effective human right that will be achievable for all human beings. The range of the award can vary from $7,000 to $10,000. For more information visit the official website

Native American Museum Service Grant

Another available opportunity for getting the financial help coming from multicultural grants. These government grants are given through the Institute of Museum and Library Services. The main target is providing Native Hawaiian organizations, Indian tribes and Alaskan Villages with financial help which will be used for enhancing their heritage. The funds can be used for promoting their culture through these museums and other services that are interested in this. Museums and related service programs can benefit from these grants using them for professional development of volunteers. The range of the grants can vary from $5,000 to $50,000. You can get more information by visiting its official website

The Third Sector New England

This group was founded in Boston 23 years ago. It has been offering multicultural grants through its official program, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. Many related non-profit organizations are using the benefits from these opportunities. The funding is used for promoting the development of these programs and implementing them among their culture of the institutions. The given amount can reach $15,000 and over $2 million have been awarded to many non-profit organizations. For eligibility and applying process check its official website

Citizenship Grant Program

Maybe the largest multicultural grants’ opportunities given by the US Government. The funding can reach $100,000 to those applicants who are eligible for receiving it. The eligibility is wide because every town, county and state governments are eligible to send their application. Beside these, state and public colleges alongside school districts and universities are also eligible. The financial help coming from these grant opportunities can be used by non-profit organizations with IRS status and several private universities. In order to get the grant, the organization that is receiving it must have a plan for promoting the responsibilities and rights of the citizenship through instruction and education programs. There are many opened opportunities related to these citizenship grants and you can check for them through the official website

There are other multicultural grants given by the US government, but these are those who are most used and have many applicants.


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