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US Personal Grants Application Process

When you decide on applying for US personal grants, the first step that needs to be done is to register yourself or your company   on After that you can apply. The registration process can last for 3 to 5 days, but if not all steps are done as they should be, then the process can take up to two weeks.

The easiest way for finding information on personal grants is the government. The US Department of Health and Human Services manages a website,, which is full of useful information and offers personal grants funded by 26 different federal agencies.

You can research this website and find available grants and programs. You’ll find the deadlines for every grant too. You can browse the page without registering, but if you want to apply, you will need to register. Before downloading the application package and applying for the grant, read the synopsis of the grant opportunity to check if you are meeting the requirements and if you are eligible for that type of grant.

If you download a grant application package, you will be able to fill it in offline and review it and check it before sending it. The application package contains instructions on how to open and use the application forms. There is a cover sheet which explains all the details. Mandatory fields are almost always marked yellow and have an asterisk so you can notice them.

In order to complete the application correctly, you will need a new version of Adobe Reader. has the possibility of checking your version in order too see if it is the one that you will need and also some video tutorials to show you how the application should be filled in. If you are applying for a grant as an organization or a company, then every person that needs to fill in the application, should have the current version of Adobe Reader on their computers.

Now that the application package is downloaded, you can start completing the grant application offline. Do the saving of the changes as you go forward, because does not do that. The application package won’t be allowed to be submitted until all fields are filled in and completed.

When finished with the filling in of the application package, if you are not already connected to the Internet, you will be asked to do so and to login to using your username and password. After all the important and necessary information are entered, the package is reviewed and checked and also saved, you can go on save and submit to submit the application. With that, the application package will be uploaded. After the submission is complete, a screen with a confirmation will appear. At the bottom of this screen, you will find a tracking number and also official date and time of the application submission. You will need the tracking number if after the application you will need to contact someone to ask for help or support, so save it or write it down.

On the Track My Application page, using your tracking number, you can check your application status. The application can be identified by CFDA number, funding opportunity number, competition ID and the tracking number given from



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