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Some Useful facts about US Government Grants

Before you apply to the many opportunities provided by the US government grants, there are few useful facts that will answer frequently asked questions. First and, according to many sources, the most important fact is that these grants are coming from your paid taxes. In order this money to be properly allocated and spent by the people who need them the most, there is a very strict process and measures. The grants given by the US Government are allocated selectively.

All US government grants need to be authorized by the President, but first all of them need to pass through the Congress. After this, they are showed to you as opportunities for which you can apply. Many agencies are collaborating with the Federal Government which is then allocating them through non-profit organizations and training programs. The only thing that is forbidden is making grants to small businesses. All information about the training grants and counseling are showed on the official source Through this website you can find out everything you need about how to apply or if you are eligible for any of the grants. When the Congress authorizes some grant, organizations which are in the same field with the grant will receive a notification.

You can find many business grants opportunities coming from local and state programs. Other private groups and nonprofit organizations are also involved in this kind of business funding. If you have a proper business plan that can help the community get better living environment, you will get these grants. They are not always free money like the US government grants because sometimes require to match the funds or get additional combined financial help. For example, if the grant allows you $10,000 you must show a loan or private financial help as big as the grant in order to receive it. The money amount can vary depending on the business which grants the help.

There are many situations when people are not eligible for getting this kind of help. There are many opportunities for them too. They are called state and federal government loans. Be aware that these loans need to be returned after allocated to specific community. Loans are most used when it comes to financing already started business or when you need additional help to start up a small business.

Be aware that there are many US government grants scams. You can see them everywhere online for ex. an advertisement offering you grants approved by the Government. These grants require you to pay small fee in order to receive the proper information. The most common advertisements which can be noticed are offering you information about using the grants to pay bills, cover personal expenses and purchase a car. Keep in mind that the US Government never charges for grants’ applications and it doesn’t offer grants for covering personal expenses. If you see this kind of grant opportunity that requires a fee, report it to the Federal Trade Commission. This commission made it clear that there aren’t US government grants awarded to individuals just to pay debts or purchase goods for their own sake. With your help these people can be stopped.

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