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What to Look Out for With US Government Grants Scams

Grants scams are a very common thing. Because people don’t know about the existence of the grants and how would they get it, a simple ad campaign can change their opinion. But, these ads are not the real thing. You cannot believe these advertisements, and most of all, you cannot pay someone to help you with the application process. The application process is free of charge, and everyone who wants money from you in order to help you get a grant is just a con artist.

The only smart thing to do is go on the web site of the government and read about the whole process, about the requirements and applications. There is no need of asking others. And in case of difficulties, many organizations who offer grants, also offer specialists who can help with every question you may have. It is true that many of the grants go to local councils and non-profit organizations, and that’s why not many individuals get a grant.

There have also been cases where people have received a call from someone telling them that they somehow are awarded with a free grant. Everything that they would say to convince you is a lie. You cannot receive a grant if you have never applied for it. Most often, these grants scammers call business owners and tell them that because they have been so punctual with their payments, the government has decided to award them with a grant. The people even present themselves as working for the government. If they manage to make someone believe in what they are saying, they assure them that that amount of money cannot be mailed them, so they would need bank account information in order to send the money. If we say this the easier way, scammers are asking people for bank details only to steal money and not to give money. So, the conclusion from this would be – don’t believe someone if he calls you and tells you that you have been awarded with a gran, governments don’t give money just like that.

The scams in the ads are less likely to be noticed because the ad is created so well that it really coincides with the real grants. They mention the same grants and the same organizations that offer these grants. Many of these ads can be seen even in magazines and not only on the internet as an ad or sent on your mail.

Those that say that they can help you with the application may ask around $500 and the send you an application for real. But, it is all a lie. Again, the government doesn’t charge for the application, neither does cooperate with agencies that offer help with the application for money.

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