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Each year, a lot of women are engaging themselves into business. At present, there are about 500,000 women who begin putting up their own business. Based on some researches, they found out that in every three businesses being established, two of it is initiated by women. And as years passed by, women tend to become more triumphant than men. The percentage of chances for women to achieve their success in business industry is about 75%. It is the main reason why the state government is providing money for women who wanted to expand and become successful in line of business.


Research conducted by Center For Women’s Business Research and Entrepreneur Magazine divulge that women achieve success and become more progressive all over the world. Most of women attain their college degree, initiate non-profit institute and doing well with their own business. A lot of women achieve these goals simultaneously with roles of being a house wife and taking care of their children.


Do Women Entail Grants From The Government?


For the past years, people believed that being a woman is a disadvantage. In some countries, if you are a female, there’s no need for you to be in school to earn your education because some people say that women will just stay at home and will just take good care of their kids. Women still suffer from different issues and discrimination in life despite of the fact that the world’s population comprises 51% of women. Most of the women at present are being disregarded and continually experience unjust practices like sexual prejudice, harassment and underestimation.


What Grants Are Accessible For Women?


  • Private Grants


Through some individual’s kindness, private grants are being provided by a person who has his or her own interest in upholding types of activities. One good example of private institution is commonly called foundation which comprises committees and board of directors who hold awards and grants. Private or personal funding can be given through scholarship program that is very accessible for many women.


Oprah Winfrey, Bill Cosby, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Martha Stewart are the famous United States humanitarians who offer private grants.


  • Federal Grants


This type of grant is commonly available in every country. Student grant from the federal government is just a type of grant that many women can apply with to be utilized for their education and even graduate level to attain a professional career.  This type of grant also aims to proffer grants money in some institutions for certain purposes and goals like uplifting women’s status in line of business, even in the field of science and arts. These institutions will serve as instruments for women because they are the one who’s responsible of setting up and developing certain programs where women can benefit from. But it is still a must that those who will take advantage such opportunity from the government will use the grant money for its specified purposes only.


  • Professional Grants


Universities and non-profit groups are the one who provide professional government grants  and make them available to women. They offer such opportunity within a particular profession to make progress with the condition of each members of that profession as well as the condition of profession per se. Advancement grants or career development is being offered by organizations of professional women to be utilized for education, travel as well as counseling. Here are some of the organizations which proffer professional grants:


  • AAUW (American Association of University Women)
  • Barbara Lee Family Foundation
  • Foundation of Breast Cancer (Susan G. Komen)


Women are now given these opportunities for their own progress. These types of grants are provided to make women function equally with men in our society.




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